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Trent West

Trent West

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Talk about southern decadence! With those blue eyes, full lips, and chiseled face, this South Carolina muscle stud has us ready to hike that proverbial Appalachian trail! Whether he calls himself Trent West or Paul Powerhouse or Trent Titus, you are gazing at one of the most lusted-after men on the web!

Trent loves seafood, a good rodeo, and personal training. He also works as a plumber, just in case you want to watch how he lays pipe. Yes, he is everything and the kitchen sink! When we shot Trent at the South Carolina coast, picnicking families stopped to feast on his glistening perfection. Fun for the whole family!

Come back this fall, when we plan to shoot him again. This time, for our Penthouse...

Christian Robert

Christian Robert

Gallery / Nudes / Videos

Welcome to Paragon Men, where action heroes come to life This beefcake is giving us soldier fantasies. Yes, sir! Surprisingly, Christian is not in the military – he’s on the front lines in financial services.

He lives in Tampa, Florida, works out 5 times a week and loves to show off these results. His impressive chest is only outdone by his generosity. When we asked if he’d take it all off for some "tasteful nudes", Christian stripped right down! All we had to do was ask?

Bryan Seth

Would you be interested in an appointment with the world's most sensual personal trainer?  If so, drop Bryan Seth a line....

This sexy, well-hung muscle boy who hails from Long Island, so he loves fish!  For years, Bryan worked driving a potato chip truck before he made the natural transition to modeling.  So how did he manage to stay so fit around Cheetos and Fritos?  Like any dealer, he says, never consume your own supply!

Since then, Bryan has posed for all the top physique photographers---including our own! He also performed a slowly lascivious, highly erotic climax video for our Penthouse.  He's coming soon!  And on ParagonMenLive, Bryan is also coming often for his lucky fans!


Alejandro Delaguardia a/k/a Macho Nacho

The best meat is always grown south of the border!

Alejandro is one hot piece of shaved Uruguayan candy.  This 5' 7" stud loves to be naked.  He's a gym owner, and his favorite time to work-out?  After hours.  Funny, that's our favorite time, too!

If you want to impress him, talk soccer.  If you want to turn him on, simply watch.  Alejandro is a sworn exhibitionist, which is why checking him out is such a win/win situation.

At his gym, Alejandro works out one muscle group at a time.  Just the way we like to admire him!

Paragon Men Spotlight: Greg Weiner

Paragon Men Spotlight

Photographer: Greg Weiner (website)

Thanks for taking a look at Paragon Men. Each month we will be featuring a new photographer's gallery of physique work. For our first issue, I am showing a few shots from my personal work. I have been a professional photographer in New York for the last 19 years.

It has been a lot of fun and I enjoy what I do a great deal. I started shooting male physique work with exercise magazines and it evolved into advertising and portrait work. I also worked with Playgirl for the last 17 years and continue to work for them on the web.

You can see more of my work at www.gregweiner.com and I am also working on a book of my favorite images.

I will keep you posted on that project. Please let us know if you know of a new talent that we can spotlight for others to enjoy.

Thanks, Greg


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