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Diesel Washington

Diesel Washington

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If you were stranded on a deserted island and granted just one wish, you might choose Diesel Washington before fresh water. It’s that old survival mantra: masturbation before hydration!

Diesel works up his slathered coconuts (ah, nutrition!) and ebony palm trunk (for a thigh-busting climb) in our PH – a hulking mirage of goatee, hot beef and plenty of pubes for needy and greedy eyes. This 6’6”, 240lb apparition and former Titan exclusive used to work for Verizon as a telephone repairman, and (ding, dong!) he’s again at your home about to lay cable!

In one A-ha! moment he decided to stop working FOR the man, and BE the man! Diesel is now both a professional trainer and escort. This mighty arm ornament goes after radiant personalities – because you can’t manufacture charisma. His tagline? “Flash the balls.

”He flashes Paragon a heckuvalot more with aplomb – and much like charisma, it can’t be manufactured. Some studs are just born with it. For more, check out: www.dieselwashingtonxxx.com



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