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Lance Hart

You’d never guess a hot model type with the long, lusty lashes and innocent almond eyes pays the rent doing fetish videos where girls slap his balls around. Punishment pays the bills!

Lance’s thick-as-a-brick fuck-tool is like a battering ram, and in our Penthouse he busts down the drawbridge like a come-to-life Tom of Finland. But over at sites like “She Owns Your Man,” he gets rammed by hot girls wearing strap-ons. Heck, he’ll even let dudes plow him “if the mood is right”. That’s a round table, Lanced – a lot!

He fills up on tacos and cigarettes and if he has a sexual fantasy, Lance simply films it the next day. He says his hobby is a full-time job, embodying Mark Twain’s sage advice to “make your vacation your vocation”.

Lance blames/credits the now distant eve he encountered a MILF in New Orleans. He gave her beads. She rode him hard (a gallop he never forgot), put him away wet – and only in the morning did she bother introducing herself. He’s been whipped ever since.



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