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Adam Wirthmore

Known as “online adderall”, Adam Wirthmore is the drug that keeps focus on sensory overload. Cure that erotic A.D.D. and buzz to repeat viewings of distracting cock and ass games with those magnetic wide-set eyes, fuzzy pits, abs, oversized nutsack...

His fantasy was to have sex with a porn star, and he ticked that box. Damn, he became that box! Adam does porn to pay for college and lives in Coral Gables, studying design engineering at UM. His design (a genetic engineering feat, thanks Mom!) can be studied intensely in our Penthouse where, despite being a pizza-lover, he’s all muscle and all hard – all the time!

Adam’s a fan of Jon Stewart and President Obama and promises to name one of his infamous loads after the biggest Obama donor. It’s donation for donation democracy. Don’t get distracted!

Adam lost his virginity after a Christmas party in a hot tub, when an old friend turned up the jets and fucked him silly. It’s liable to happen to anyone, Adam. How about hosting a hot tub party, old friend?



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