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Markus Ruhl

"Paragon Pops Porn Pup Marcus Ruhl's Cherry" - read all about it! Better yet - get comfy, click, and make a wank bank deposit with this sultry beauty we shot before anyone else got the chance.

Google Marcus and watch Paragon's newest discovery get his fat ass (aka the Golden Gate) pounded, but we hit it here first - the unspoiled motherlode of a Colombian export complete with fine uncut cock, sand dollar nips and sexy board-short tanline.

He's mum about the meaning of his various tattoos, but admits the Arabic one might be enough to open another round of prophet-insulting violence in Libya. Is he straight, bi, or gay? Marcus raises an eyebrow and answers "open" - and that goes double for his hole.

Coy boy? Not on film. A star is born as Marcus debuts his crowd-pleasing 200 pounds of cock play, pec play, ass play - getting primal XXX all over his jungle gym. Play - it's a four-letter word!



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