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Michael Vegas

Michael Vegas

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It’s true, we met in Vegas. The affair didn’t last long, but thankfully erotic memory is long and unforgiving – much like this Cuban cock! We’d provide Mike’s last name but there are seven in total, which means of course that this stud is Latino royalty.

The sultry dark eyes of Mike betray nothing of bright academia, where he studies history and paleontology. That ups our compatibility factor, as we are both passionate about digging up and displaying the biggest bones in history.

For preservationpurposes… check out his XX Vegas spread and see what happens in the shower, the steam room, andall the forbidden sensual stages now starring Mike’s foreskin encores. So many nerve endings, so little time! He’s inserted a “pearl” into the shaft of his dick, to better bang greedy clits - it’s a Cuban thing, and whatever they do in a dictatorship… rules!



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