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Mike Buffalari

Words are cheap, but talk is hot! Mike Buffalari makes gets himself and his fans off with a powerful XXX solo session. He gets there verbally, telling you exactly what's happening as it plays out nude. He's like a sports commentator, only hot.

Unbelievably, Mike's new to busting nuts for public, ahem, consumption. He only recently busted that cherry at Manifest Men and now he's back to hammer out a load and perfect the sweaty sweet talk.

This Taurus bull (just give us 8 seconds, cowboy!) lost his virginity to a hooker and once had an orgy of 6 transsexuals at once. He reads the Village Voice (mostly the back pages), owns a size 12 foot (draw your own conclusions! Better yet, test them out in our PH!), loves Mickey Rourke and hates shit on his dick.

Mike may look like the immortal hotties from The Outsiders, but who'd win in this rumble? Everyone involved? We asked Mike if he had any words for his growing fan club, and he only said, "I've never been fucked before..."

And with that, let the online auction commence!



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