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Benny G

Sometimes the luckiest comes last. That's not to say beefy Benny G was last to splat in his XXX solo shoot (watch - he couldn't WAIT to blow!), it's we were lucky to find Benny last minute for the explosive last issue of Paragon's epic year.

Why is Benny's name inked on his back? So you won't forget who you're fucking! An aggressive bottom and self-identified sexual freak, Benny's cockring recently activated the airport security scan. He was subjected to a procedural molestation the TSA calls "enhanced" - an entirely appropriate word for this piece of Philly ass!

At 220 pounds, this hunky pisces has known his share of fish - one girl he took out called him two days later to say she'd found a condom up her clacker. Now that's the diplomatic way to ask for a second date!



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