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Braden Charron

Happy Horny Holidays. No mistletoe necessary! December is full of big package surprises... ready to unwrap? For our 4th anniversary, Paragon teams up with Adonis Club to celebrate. We're putting these and more naked muscle hunks on a pedestal 12/15 in New York City. Come see skyscrapers come to rock hard life!

Move over, Ken Doll, here's something just as pretty but twice as meaty! In a PC world, the perfectly pumped proportions of Braden Charren would be banned as promoting an unachievable ideal of manhood. Paragon promotes unfair ideals... to great acclaim!

This model cam star stripped for our cameras just before a bodybuilding show. At the top end of his weight range, Braden stuns with a muscle-rippling jack off session so hard... to forget. This Maine attraction is a sculpted 187 to 210, 5'9", 30/32 with massive ballsack and a thick hammer. Want inside this toolbox? Braden's a sucker for friendship, family, love and strength. Also, meatball pizza.

As bodybuilding isn't forever (gravity said so), Braden practices golf (the fairway to heaven). Not to worry, at Paragon unfair pieces of fine plastic are forever!



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