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Jonny Maro

Presenting Paragon’s newest XXX discovery. In the tradition of Magic Mike comes the man with the moves that make even the asexuals swoon. Though just 19, in bed he already gets called Daddy. It’s not that he’s nurturing, it’s he’s a strict taskmaster. Nobody comes until he does!

Jonny is a table dancing stripper who used to be a mechanic, reminiscent of that iconic greased up Herb Ritts stud(y). It also explains his tattoos. One is a wrench (so much the better to screw with) and the other, some type of a gear? Let this teenage sensation switch on your engine as he pumps himself into high gear in our PH.

Jonny’s putting himself through college and majoring in law (of attraction?). Friends say he’s overly obsessed with chiseling his form, but what is ‘body dysmorphia’ but a lame excuse for jealousy?

This stud loves his iron, his cars – and his firearms. Gun control? Not on this body! 



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