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Johnny Rocks

Santa works one day, and the rest of the year he sits in judgment. That old fart must have had a magnanimous streak with naughty Johnny Rocks because his stocking is stuffed to capacity! It’s 9 genuine (not internet!) inches. Trust, they’ve been verified by the best in the business!

Johnny Rocks and his model looks go an extra long way in our PH – he loves to blow, and this “bad habit” often overwhelms him. Say he’s in a mall or at the movies – he’ll get an urge and hit the toilet to splatter public ceramic. At 23, he lives in Palm Beach and is keen on sports – most especially aggressive ones like motorcross and football.

Johnny had a recent nightmare that his dick broke off during sex. If that happens - finders keepers! He’s new to the biz – but moves naturally like a seasoned pro. Johnny (gets his) Rocks off exceptionally. Watch and see - bad habits are contagious.



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