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Derek Parker

Like a forecast of mostly sunny with a chance of rain – Derek Parker is mostly gay, unless she’s hot and he’s drunk.  How’s that for postmodern? This hirsute Long Beacher is 27, 5’10” and if you notice in his mind-blowing XXX video – the nips conduct electricity that commands his rock hard, thermos of a cock.  

A fan of ink, Derek considers his body his art. If every canvas were as memorable, the world would be a better place!  Check it HUNG in our gallery and, like John Lennon, imagine.

Derek’s a steak and potatoes man (food, too), enjoys bike riding, tanning and blaring Nicki Minaj. The first time he took a cock, it hurt so much he headbutted his partner and knocked him out. Derek got the hang of it and is now one of the nicest guys in naughty hardcore porn, always with his polite personal credo: Don’t hate, penetrate!



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