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Josh Long

We picked up Josh Long from the airport, and he was so eager he started taking off his clothes right there in the car. When we began to shoot, the studio’s fire marshall kept testing the alarm. They must have known about the sex heat we were creating, the owners being Baptists and all…  

Cheeky Josh eats anything that’s not healthy, and that includes losing his virginity to his brother’s girlfriend! He doesn’t fear the forbidden fruit and describes himself as “sexual”, not gay or straight.

He addicted to the Word With Friends app and when he’s not scrambling letters, he flashes his XXX numbers – and then some. Josh wishes his chest were bigger, but no complaints about the all-over mammal fur he trims one inch per month. According to that growth rate, you officially entered cub territory.  Look out - this one’s feral!

Watch him pull out a hot load, then hit him up for dirty talk at joshlongxxx.com.



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