Alex Adams

Grade AA! With Alex Adam, Paragon proudly welcomes its very first ginger stallion to the stable. Ginger is a well-known palate cleanser, but in the case of Alex – it’s the full meal deal. Look closely and discover his ginger is GOLDEN.

With a 30” waist, 180 lbs of thick creamy dreamy, and piercing ice blue eyes – Alex doesn’t need to work hard to get what he wants. He’s quiet, exemplifying the best thing about understated men: they don’t tell, they SHOW. This show is a certain crowd pleaser. His great golden cannon fires in his first XXX explosion… on cue!

Protein bars are Alex’s favorite food, and energy drinks his worst habit (he’s a cheap date). Alex is bisexual (greedy, but who’s complaining?), dating girls and messing around with dudes. After trying a threesome – and liking it – he’d like to try an orgy. How many people? More than four, he rationalizes. Four people is not an orgy - four is a double date!

Adding to the fantasy, Alex works in construction. Swinging sledges, jackhammering on erections - it’s all in a days work. Catch all the pleasures this hard helmeted stud pounds out in our PH!



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