Doug Acre

Put this on a pedestal and worship at the alabaster altar! Young, nubile and with dreamy wide set eyes, Doug could have been plucked from a Thomas Eakins oil painting. Only this muscle canvas moves: poseable, lovable, jerkable, and like all good boy toys, he ejaculates all over the place.

While he looks heavenly, his photos and video assure this fuzz-dusted, plump-cocked Texan pleases in the real world. Doug’s a fan of travel and everywhere he goes – from Tokyo to Timbuktu, he always ends up being the TOP destination. At just 21 (with a 10.5 shoe!), Doug strokes on film to afford his spendy gaming habit.

Pop a quarter into this slot! Doug’s a self-confessed geek and Houston “gaymer” (his XXX stroke session proves to all and sundry he’s expert with a joystick). He’s obsessed with superheroes, Pokemon, and Comic-con conventions, so if you want a fantasy ride on this stud you’d best know your Link from your Zelda. His latest trick is Naruto card game Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. For masterful swordplay, click for dick!

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