Ricky Larkin

Here’s a fuzzy navel for the finicky! Say SLURP to Ricky’s massive cock that’s flopping long thick and hard above that aforementioned navel.  Ricky Larkin is the ultimate in Paragon pleasureseeking as he offers up a sultry behind-the-scenes video plus a no-holds barred eXXXpose that drains him to the very last greedy drop.

26-year-old Ricky is straight, but he keeps his mind open (and his hole too, just in case). He doesn’t mind getting his ass played with and would love to get pegged by a woman wearing a strap-on (pretty feet to the front of the line). He’d also consider tossing a guy or two into the mix, because when it comes to plugging holes – you really can’t go past a pigpile.

When Ricky’s not filming sadistic-bouncer-in-the-dark-alley fantasies, he powerlifts. Porn and powerlifting go together like ramalamadingdong – or like Ricky’s hairy thighs and orgasm (as you’ll soon see!) He resides in bucolic Fort Meyers, Florida, feasts on key lime pie and fixates on fitness model Andrea Brazier who can do anything she wants with him. Ready the strap-on, Andrea. He’s begging for it bad.

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