Spencer Reed

If the term musclebear sounds ironic, that’s because it is. And that’s not the only irony concerning the game-changing Spencer Reed. He’s a one-of-a-kind multi-hyphenate porn star-DJ-amateur oceanographer. To spell it out, the man can drive a dance floor spinning the decks while both calculating neap tide patterns on Zanzibar and thrusting his power tool into some greedy hole.

Yes, we said 'power tool'. His nearly 9” thick, heady cock was built for piledriving, pig sticking or (insert your favorite slutty metaphor here). Much like the serpent tattooed on his arm, it ushers thickly, dangerously from his groin. He says his next tattoo will be graffiti inspired. We’re hoping it reads, “For a good time, squeeze this!”

He’s got kinky sex fetishes, but prefers to keep them secret. That is, unless you get him drunk. Turns out, we did! Spencer spilled the beans about his portable sling, his “cuckold” fetish (forcing his partners to “cheat” while he watches), and that filthy thing he does with sushi in Berlin. Secrets only turn to poison, Spencer. Consider this share our wellness campaign!

At 6'1", a meaty 240lbs, with a full beard and body of hair - this musclebear is just the way a mammal was intended! For more, check out www.spencer-reed.com.

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