Jonny Maro

If there’s one thing you do today, masturbate with Jonny Maro. The sexy stripper is back by popular demand to crack out another legendary load in our Penthouse. Jonny blows off a lot more than just steam!

After being featured on the cover of TeenBop magazine a few years ago, Jonny faced a dilemma: continue to be a model good boy or pursue his passion of stripping, fucking, and making women gush (literally; he calls them “ejacu-ladies”). As you’ll see, he made the right decision.

Johnny’s all-star look sets hearts – and libidos – aflame. Beautiful in face and body, his fat cock is polished, slick and ready for the slurping. He’s completely shaved and, anyway, who needs pubic hair? It’s only garnish and, like parsley, gets shoved aside to focus on the feeding.

He takes a Twitter approach to sex. Wet and #pithy. Hence his love of foreign girls – the less they have to say (140 characters or less, please), the better! Though Jonny does linger when it comes to his “sexy biting”, which may or may not leave marks.

Enjoy Johnny today, and thank him tomorrow when you stop by Bradley's in Tampa to stuff a dollar in his piggy bank!


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