Chaz Ryan

Chaz Ryan

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A hard man is good to find! Memorial Day reignited our mission to memorialize the very finest male muscle imaginable. Paragon’s summer season blasts off with the scorching Chaz Ryan. Every last fiber is engorged, veined, sculpted into a 51” chest, 20” biceps, 230 pounds backed up by a power-packing nutcracker. Spelunk in there and you’ll refuse to come up for air!

Chaz is a competitive bodybuilder who puts on private shows at (his is a premium family show!) and with all the lifting, grunting, and hoisting, just think what he can do in the bedroom. Thankfully, he’s an avid bisexual (or, as he puts it, “ambisextrous”). This Texan is an outdoorsman, outgoing, and out-of-this-world when it comes to eye-popping proportion. He waxes with a technique called “sugaring”, his lucky Russian “therapist” manscapes it all including back, sack and crack. Oh, mercy – the puddles she must produce.

Click to ascend the mighty mountains of Chaz. He gets hot and bothered in our behind-the-scenes teaser, and then bares all the heft that heaven allows. As if clothing could confine him!

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