The compelling dark features of our latest 195’, 6’ discovery belong to a man who is half-Indian, half-Italian. That makes for some FINE dining! Click for the FULL menu. 

Andreas is the only reason to applaud, ahem, gun culture. Those 17” assault biceps work perilously well with his other bulging humps, bumps, grooves and canyons – there’s more to explore here than a topographical map. And we take time in the exploration… letting Andreas lead us through desire, begging, angst and release – the five stages of XXX good grief!

His heaving torso and jet black hair can be seen when he dances sexy for the ladies – and by day whilst working at a chocolate factory. Does this confection get any sweeter? When not supplying erotic fodder for Paragon fans, Andreas wants to believe there’s purpose in the cosmos. With the supernatural force he exudes, we’re sure heaven exists – but screw the angels. It’s filled with dark, horny devils!

Don’t be scared to charm that cobra emblazoned on his ass. It’s a tasty fan favorite, powerfully addictive and smooth - like chocolate.

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