Ty Hanebrink

Ty Hanebrink

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Tall, dark, and handsome doesn’t quite cover it! Let’s add cut, sleek, and that Clark Kent thing that has us fantasizing about the things we’d want do to him in a telephone booth!

Todd "Ty" Hanebrink’s an actor-dancer-model-choreographer. How about them hyphens? It’s dancing that keeps Ty so lean and, as a cast member in the touring company of a hit Broadway show, he’s always on the road. After our initial test-shots, we knew we had to pin Ty down for a full shoot during one of his few breaks from performing on tour.

This raven-haired beauty brought his own props to the set---just like a theatre person! A successful Broadway performer, Ty lives in New York, but his favorite city is Tokyo. He loves brownies, and playing soccer. Currently, he is on a national tour with a hit Broadway show, and he's leaving audiences across the U.S. begging for more of gorgeous, charming and talented Todd Hanebrink!

To see more of Ty, or to book him---check out his site: www.toddhanebrink.com.


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