Spotlight: Stock Bar

Spotlight: Stock Bar, Montreal

Spotlight: Stock Bar, Montreal


Montreal’s world class Stock!  With over 70 of the hottest male dancers on any continent, Stock Bar reigns as the place to ogle the best of the best in male nudity.  Each night their stable of hot hunks strip it off for men and women (Ladies’ night on Wednesday) on the stage, in 2 VIP rooms, and 16 cabins for private dances.

Several of Stock's hottest, most well-endowed dancers will soon perform unforgettable features in the Paragon Penthouse.  If you can’t make it to Montreal, get a sneak peek on their website which is popular with members from all around the world, broadcasting all the gorgeous action live from the Stock Bar stage from from 9pm to 2am daily.  For a free visit, get to the site through

Stock Bar is located at 1171 Ste. Catherine Est, in Montreal, Quebec.
Stock Bar is open daily from 8pm - 3am 7 days a week.

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