Mike Justice

Mike Justice

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Can you handle this? It’s 200 pounds of pure Paragon Man!

His motto is: “If you got it, flaunt it!” and who’s gonna disagree? This hunk’s got it all: the chiseled good looks, the packin’ physique, the professional need to be watched by millions. If you want to take this man to bed (he sleeps naked---with socks, if it’s cold) you’ve got to a) have a nice ass, b) be very easy going and c) try not to be an airhead!

Mike is a star in the sports world—he was an All-American sprinter! But can he outrun the pace of his career? We leaked some shots of Mike Justice, and let’s just say the world is lining up to work with this one! In early 2010, he’s moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting. Best of luck, Mike, and never forget----we loved you here first!



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