Phil Fusco

Phil Fusco

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Beautiful boy in bloom! Philip Fusco is one modeling pro we would love to work with again and again. This 21 year old is not much for words---we couldn’t even find out if he’s single or taken—perhaps because he spent his studio time using his eyes (and all other pretty boy parts) to seduce our camera!

It’s always nice to have a model who knows what he’s made of, and Phil knows his product and how to sell it! Phil eats healthy, drinks Muscle Milk, and plays tough contact sports like wrestling and boxing.

After all that exercise he comes home, gets undressed, and after a long shower (wish we were there!) he puts on pajamas for bed. With his endorsement, old school pajamas will be making a triumphant return to the runway in 2010!

For more of dreamy Phil, check out his website:



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