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Spotlight: Angelo Garcia
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Angelo Garcia was an international superstar before he hit puberty. As a member of Menudo in its heyday, and with a voice that captured hearts around the globe, Angelo spent his tween years as an object of adoration throughout the Spanish-speaking world. He performed in front of tens of thousands of adoring fans, while millions more bought his albums. His look was innocent, almost androgynous, and armies of young girls swooned over him.

Amazing the difference a little testosterone makes! The naive boy has grown into a sexually supercharged muscle Adonis with the voice of an angel and the body of a god. And thank God, he doesn't mind showing off every mouth-watering inch. As soon as he walked into the Paragon Men studio last month, jaws dropped and saliva began flowing. "He's sex on a stick" exclaimed our lucky make-up artist. But Angelo isn't just endowed with breathtaking looks, an insanely hot body, and other mind-boggling assets; he is still "The Voice".

After leaving Menudo, Angelo launched a solo career that lasted until he decided to take a break and finish college. For the last seven years, Angelo has been composing original songs in Spanish and in English. He has released a Spanish-language album titled "Cool" that was featured on the motion picture soundtrack to Yellow, starring Roselyn Sánchez. Cool's infectious dance tracks and compelling ballads have become iPod favorites here at our studios. Cool is available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster and at retail stores. Angelo is presently recording an all-English language album. We'll update you on the release of the new album, and you can also stay up-to-date on

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