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Trystan Shandy

Trystan insists his blond Nordic locks are all his and in he cock-teases us just enough in his artistic nudes for us to see the carpet does indeed match the drapes!

Trystan wanted to model for Paragon because of our dedication to producing beautiful physique work. Oddly enough, Trystan has the exact kind of 30 inch waist, 5’11” tall, taut manly physique we have dedicated ourselves to produce! We imagine this golden boy in so many places: On a surfboard, under the sheets, seared into our retinas....

He spends his days staring at the well-hung pieces as a “yuppie” art collector. By night, he dives into most scenes, like the time he went out on the town as a Tudor-era prince for a boyfriend with a fetish for princes. At home in his kingdom, Trystan excels at mixed martial arts and wrestling. A pretty prince who’s not afraid to body slam? Bring it on!



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