Jordan Santelli

Jordan isn’t shy. We like that in a model. He gets turned on being in a studio with a camera trained on his lithe, glistening physique. So much so, that he whips out his impressive cock and declares that he prefers to take it all off than to pose in restricting underwear like he does for magazines such as Australia’s DNA.

The most memorable sex Jordan ever had was on a lifeguard tower in Orange County at sunset. That, or the time he bent a boy over in the graveyard, or….? But for all his frivolous fun, Jordan is a grounded 21 year old. He doesn’t drink or do drugs, and he’s really into weight-lifting. His peak weight was 350 lbs, but he’s slimmed down to a more manageable 170. He loves body odor, and lips. In the future, Jordan plans to own a home, marry a man, and help others achieve their fitness goals.

We had set up a studio session, but that didn't quite finish us off---so we moved into the shower for a Penthouse-worthy happy ending!



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