Gavin Waters

Gavin jokes that his legs are really hard to train after tearing both achilles heels playing sports. No problem here. Torn achilles make this stud easier to catch!

Gavin a self-proclaimed dork in high school, but today he is Mr. Most Improved! He’s a romantic at heart – and once waited for his girlfriend in nothing but ripped jeans, candles, and a can of whipped cream. He’s got the perfect torso to lick cream!

The wildest thing he ever did in bed? There was a waffle and syrup food fight which ended with…yeah, you know how that one ended. Sticky!

As a headlining dancer with Chippendales and Hunks the Show, Gavin knows just how to give the world's horniest women exactly what they need. Who could turn down a lap dance from this magnificent male stripper? Ladies night, indeed....

Check out what Gavin’s is packing in that straining Chippendales g-string in our Penthouse. We’re hoping to bring him back for totally explicit, orgasmic XXX video action, but until then, we ain’t too proud to stare! Gavin’s new website is coming soon: In the meantime, “like” his Facebook profile all you want!


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