Josh Griffin

Let the lumberjack fantasies begin! A full and even spread of hair is the best accent ever to this burly brawn. Josh is down to earth, but lives above it all, in a high-rise rooftop Penthouse in Los Angeles with his amazing boyfriend (breathtaking July Paragon Man) Jordan Santelli, who baited and brought Josh to us!

The best sex Josh has ever had was in a lifeguard stand, post-beach (and yes, sand does get everywhere!) but this hirsute hunk is way more than a sexy beast. He has two masters degrees from USC, is a former policeman, and survived three US military deployments to Iraq. Imagine the role-play potential in that closet! Get down and give me... Yes, sir, ay, sir!

In person, Josh is a big cuddly teddy bear who loves a great kisser. He’s (ex)posed his massive 200 pounds for other sites, but the best bet is to head right over to our Penthouse and let him do all the work. Grrrrr! We can bear-ly contain ourselves.



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