T Strength

What’s the T? Chiseled perfection with all in proportion! T-Strength is a 190 pound red-meat eating man’s man who’s idea of a perfect vacation is exploring the Amazon lowland jungles in South America. He’s a man of few words, but that could be because studs like T-Strength understand: It’s better to SHOW rather than tell!

And how he shows! T’s God-like body is so hot we took out a lawn sprinkler to wet him down. Head back, arms spread in supplication, his artistic nudes are worship-worthy! Before fitness modeling, T-Strength spent six years in the marines – who wouldn’t want to be with him on the frontline?? Ain’t no atheists in his foxhole!

T-Strength has always challenged himself to see how hard he can push his mind and body. That’s a challenge he shares with others on his blog www.tuckerstrength.com. Follow the muse by example!



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