Anthony 'The Greek' Eliopulos

Behold: Anthony Eliopulos, the gorgeous Greek statue has come to life! He's Perseus, following a ball of string into the Paragon labyrinth where we all lurk and stare! This 200 pound, 47 inch chest, 11.5 shoe, warrior is a champion NPC bodybuilder (with a "classically aesthetic" physique, in bodybuilding parlance) who lives for veal parmigiana, Lake Tahoe, and Dirty Harry. Uh huh, Anthony the Greek is making our day!

His worst/favorite pick-up line is: "I would look great on you", though we at home much prefer him unencumbered by drunken pick-up or by stifling clothing! We'll have our stunningly-symmetrical handsome Hellenic bodybuilder totally naked, thank you very much. Anthony's favorite part on a woman is her hamstring/glute tie-in (whatever that is ) and while he's being specific, the best place this muscleman ever had sex was in the parking lot at Sea World. Surely, less endowed tourists -- with their mere mortal physiques -- mistook his climax for Shamu's spout.

When he's not delivering waves of orgasms at Sea World, Florida-based musclehunk Anthony loves long Hallmark walks on the beach and writes poetry (not at the same time). Look at the size of those hands, those thighs, -- all rise, Anthony's bare anatomy is at rapt attention!


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