Joey Morrelli

October must be the Jersey issue of Paragon Men! The beefy, taut build, the tawny skin, pretty face and all the hair gel the pharmacy shelf can muster - meet Joey Morelli! He says posed for Paragon solely so you can see his huge cock! The money may have had something to do with it as well, since Joey only makes minimum wage where he works at Dunkin Donuts (he recommends the cream filled bear claws).

Joey wears way too many clothes at work (polyester is a pesky fabric) so he pulled it all off for Paragon, and just wait til you see him hard and hot in the Penthouse - I love rewinding to watch his massive load of exploding cream. Joey loves the Goonies, hates saggy tits (easy on the donuts, ladies), and his biggest goal in life is to have sex on top of the Empire State Building. Now here's a mind with a mission, and a body creating fission!

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