This Latin lover likes attention -he's got ours, rapt, right between his legs! After the colossal cock, check out the adorable face and smattering of tattoos. He's the kind of guy you pass in the street and think hard about the rest of the week!

JR is a big fan of skinnydipping, fishing off his houseboat, and motorcycling rural roads! Pretty faces turn him on, and he pretty much always gets a big reaction to his massive manhood. JR woke up with it at 13 years old and thought there must be something wrong. So he showed his mom, who said, religiously, "Son, you're blessed!" Amen!

JR is a dancer who prefers to work the pole at gay clubs. There he can pick up the single girls who come in with their gay friends and take them home for the ride of their lives. It's win/win! And wait until you catch his winning "work" in our Penthouse. Thanks for sharing, JR!

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