Dorian Shore

Where do you shop for size 15 shoes?! Dorian's appendages really are that big! Dorian is an exotic dancer who's into fight clubs and, for what it's worth, big boobs. He also owns a mortgage business, another reason everyone and their mother is trying to refinance these days!

Dorian gets turned on by nails. As in, a bed of? With piercing eyes and wicked smile, mighty mister Dorian inspires all sorts of fantasy. Like the one of him flying off the ring, crushing his opponent in a body slam, rolling off in body oil, smirking as he... anyway.

The truth is, he's a gentle giant - shy and reserved, but proud of the fact he was once just a skinny kid who dreamed big. Oh, the places you'll go! Shaved
to the last inch, this stud sports a long dong super schlong - check out his pulsating pole in our Penthouse!

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