Spotlight: Sir JET (Joel Evan Tye)

In this month's Paragon Men Spotlight, we are thrilled to feature singer/actor/male model/comedian Joel Evan Tye a/k/a Sir JET (p/k/a Jet Kanashi). More than just a pretty face (and gorgeous body), Joel has a classically trained voice and is a skilled thespian who speaks three languages. Joel is about to release an eagerly-awaited dance track under his Sir Jet persona: "Feelin' Dirty". On the eve of "Feeling Dirty", Joel took the time to answer the questions of this enraptured interviewer.

Tells us about your background: Where are you from, what was it like growing up, and how did you get into music?

I was born in a suburb of Chicago and when I was ten my family moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. People ask me about my background all the time. I don't know exactly the answer because my father was adopted and my mother's family didn't keep good records, but we think we're a mix of Italian and Russian. As a young adult I was ashamed of the way I talked because it was very effeminate and I was tormented by my peers for it, so I stopped talking around age twelve, thus beginning my life of solitude. One day during my eighteenth year I heard a voice in my head tell me I needed to learn how to sing, and when I did my life would begin again. It was through singing I learned how to speak again. From then on singing and the development of my voice became a personal passion.

How old are you? Where do you live?

I am now in my late twenties and reside in the heart of Hollywood, California.

Are you gay/straight/bi/omnisexual/other? Are you in a relationship? Who's the lucky person(s)?

I am a pure Kinsey Six (Editor's Note: Editor swoons...), though I have yet to meet my perfect match. There's no particular reason why, just haven't met anyone that was just the right fit.

Growing up, who were your greatest musical influences? What did you most love to listen to? Whom did you most love to see perform?

I used to live vicariously and still do sometimes through my favorite anime series. The soundtracks to those shows were my favorite things to listen to. Even though my comprehension of Japanese is intermediate at best, it was the melodies, and the flow of the words that moved me. I love melodies, I feel that the melody is what really makes a song good. Anything reminiscent of the Baroque classics catches my ear every time.

Who are your current favorite singers and performers?

My current obsession is the opening theme song to the anime/True Tears,/"Reflectia." In terms of what is popular here in the states, I love spanish artists such as Alejandro Fernandez, Anahi, and Shakira. I also really enjoy the most current Sarah McLaughlin, "Illusions of Bliss."

Who are your favorite actors? Comedians?

Definitely Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, and Steve Karrell. Also can't get enough of Tosh.O and South Park!

What is your favorite city in the world? Why?

I love Scottsdale, AZ. I consider it my hometown. I know a lot of people are conflicted these days with Arizona due to the policticians and its immigration laws, but the truth is, Arizona itself as a place is a beautiful place. There's an inexplicable sense of calm and serenity I feel when I am there. It's everything, the scent of the air, the winter weather, the way everything is spread out, the friendly relaxed attitude of the people.

Where would you like to visit that you haven't yet?

I have yet to actually go to Japan. I've heard the moon is just incredible when it rises there in the countryside. And of course I'd want to visit the latest Lolita Boutiques and Manga Shops in Tokyo!

What would you like to experience that you haven't yet?

Fall in love and raise a family.

What's your favorite type of performance: Music, acting, comedy or modeling?

I definitely enjoy singing into a microphone for an audience, giving it my all, but comedy comes in a close second. I perform every Friday night with my improv group, "Huzzah!" at Bang! Comedy Theatre on Fairfax and it's my favorite part of the week!

How would you categorize your musical style? If I had to explain what Sir JET's music sounds like to someone, how would I do it?

I've changed my music style over the last few years several times. My first two albums, "Enjoy the Sadness" and "Embracing the Light and then some" were fusions of folk rock and new wave. With my last single, "Storm" we set out to make a dance track but the final mix ended up having a retro 80s feel to it. With this new song I'm getting ready to release, "Feelin' Dirty," I'm experimenting with the current dance pop sound with a little grundge mixed in.

You have an amazing body! Tell us about your workout regimen. And as many of your stats as we can get you to share....

I follow the classic method of working out. Lifting heavy in small sets and repetitions and increasing the weight little by little each week. I only do the basic exercises and I make sure to use proper form with each exercise to prevent injury.

It's obvious you're really into health and fitness. How do you reconcile that with the partying lifestyle people associate with many artists?

I'm not much of a party person. I enjoy getting dressed up and attending events but I'm only a rockstar in front of the camera and on stage. Otherwise I'm pretty much the same peaceful hermit I was my whole life.

Where do you want to be next year? What (or whom) do you want to be doing? What about in five years?

I hope to have a full album recorded and released to go with the new Sir JET image next year. I also hope to have more television work; I'd love to get a bit part on "The Office." In five years I hope to be full-fledged mainstream celebrity. You don't feel uncomfortable modeling and getting naked for the camera.

Tell us your thoughts on modeling, and on appearing nude in publications like Paragon Men?

Modeling is like acting. I model according to the character in my mind and the story I come up with as to why I am in the position and the costume I am in in front of the camera.

Where can our readers hear your music? Where can they connect with you? Do you perform live? If so, where can we see you perform?

My music is available where most music is sold online: iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and cdbaby. You can also see a full array of my videos on YouTube. The easiest way to see what I'm going to do next is to find me on Facebook. We're working on several performances right now. I have a confirmed gig on November 14th at Original Mikes in Santa Ana. I'm also going to be doing a rather risque performance at a bathhouse in Los Angeles (Editor's Note: Book tickets now!), and possibly a couple of club gigs in Fort Lauderdale. I might also be performing at a promotional party sponsored by GrindR for the release of "Feelin' Dirty."

Thanks Joel!  Readers, make sure to check out more of Joel in the Paragon Penthouse and at


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