Spotlight - Adonis Lounge

New York used to be the greatest city in the world to enjoy live performances by gorgeous naked musclemen with massive erections. They would parade the goods onstage, and then it was, to quote Cole Porter, love for sale during their breaks. Well, maybe they weren't exactly selling love, but they definitely sold sexual fantasy fulfillment to their ecstatic clients. But the days of the Gaiety (where our own Paragon Man and former Menudo Angelo Garcia, among countless other extraordinary studs, made a fortune dancing totally naked with a hard-on), are but a fading wet dream. For a long time, it seemed the Giuliani/Bloomberg Disneyfication of Times Square would forever banish gyrating, throbbing naked manhood from the stages of Gotham.

Fortunately, a new crop of clubs dedicated to putting sizzling hot male dancers on stage and within stroking distance of the audience has recently sprouted in unexpected parts of the City. Our favorite among them is the Adonis Lounge in the very trendy Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. The mind-boggling Men of Adonis perform from 9 pm until the wee hours every Thursday, and in addition to their on-stage performances, they are delighted to get up close and personal for a one-song lap dance ($20) and for $100 can be all yours in a private room for twenty minutes. Either from their faces or from a peek inside their stretched-out G-strings, you'll surely recognize several of the men from the pages of Paragon Men. We assure you, these men are of the highest quality imaginable, and having one grinding away in your lap for $20 (or at your private service for $100) is an incredibly bargain. Every night there are 12-25 men in the line-up, so try them all!

The atmosphere at Adonis Lounge is casual and drinks are reasonably priced, so you'll have plenty of money to spend on the smorgasbord of mouth-watering dancers. Make sure you tell the guys you saw them in Paragon Men - memories of their explosive jerk-off videos may well get a big rise out of them! Enjoy the show!

Adonis Lounge is located at 113 Franklin St., Brooklyn, NY. Drive, take a cab, or, better yet, take the G train to Greenpoint and walk one block to the club.

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