Anonymous Paragon Men

We're unveiling a new feature this month: Anonymous Paragon Men. The Anonymous Paragon Men are actors, athletes, models, and celebrities whose faces you would instantly recognize, but whose eroticized naked bodies have never before been photographed. These men want to be show off their awesome physiques and endowments, but they can't afford to show their faces.

Since Paragon Men launched, we have been approached by several A-list celebrities who want to show it all off for our cameras, but who wanted their faces concealed. Since we believe that our models must be treated as complete men and no simply as sex objects, we have resisted this sort of anonymous shoot. Well, our rules are made to broken, and we want your feedback. Are faceless studs something you want to see? Please let us know whether we should make these Anonymous Paragons a regular part of Paragon Men. Explore their images and let us know what you think....

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