Tyrese Henderson

Holy smokes, it’s a five alarm fire! If so, Tyrese can be found sliding down poles! He’s a pro firefighter, which means he gives good gush (Check out our Penthouse for the proof)!

In fact, the strangest pick up line Tyrese ever heard was: “My hole has a leak, can you plug it for me?” We have no doubt Tyrese’s thickly sculpted hydrant rose to the occasion!

Tyrese likes older women, but the cutoff is forty, which has us scratching our heads. But hey, we don’t judge!

Tyrese's dream job is a sergeant in the military, but for now he pushes around unruly patrons while working as a bouncer. With his dreamy model face and those 215 pounds of prime, peak meat, he gets hit on by all races but mostly too-tan white Jersey girls hunting for chocolate. Hands off, Snooky. This month he’s all ours!

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