Ben Patrick Johnson

If you haven’t seen him, you’ve definitely heard him! With a voice as sultry as the black panther licking his flawless torso, Ben is one of Hollywood’s hottest voice-over actors. He is also a dedicated civil liberties activist. And he certainly inspires human rights –to lustful applause! – taking off his clothes!

We shot Ben for our artistic gallery at his home in the Hollywood Hills – sprawling him out like a piece of erotic full frontal furniture. It’s hard, er, um, difficult to gaze at his body without tingling. The man is as seductive and reassuring as his mellifluous narration.

Arranging his naked perfection before his large picture windows, we asked politely if the neighbors mind? “I paid a lot of money for this view,” answered Ben coolly. What a view it is! So you know, Good Morning in Tinseltown is hotter than a pot of Sanka!

You'll love his Behind-the-Scenes video and, if you're like us here at Paragon Men, you'll want to learn more about this fascinating Renaissance Adonis by visiting his web site:

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