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Ivan Lamal

Ivan Lamal

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Beautiful blond is back! Lifeguard fantasies are kicking into overdrive with this gorgeous Baywatch babe with his hard body, cut abs, surfer lips, golden treasure trail. Need we go on? Everything about Ivan screams: save me, I’m drowning!

Ivan’s fantasy? It involves breasts (he's a huge fan of huge knockers) and a pot of honey. He is from Germany – ancestral home of the big breasted. We can’t spell the region he’s from – we’d google it, but our keyboard just got sticky!

Getting naked is his hobby, and what about the future? The future is for people who make plans! This throbbing stud exists for today – oh yeah, the power of now is in the photos!

The only thing harder than Ivan's his slamming beach body is, perhaps, the hair! He wasn’t planning on full frontal – it took some plying for him to pull out and pump that power tool he’s packing, but we got the goods. The uncut German jewels, mein Herr!

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