Mark DeSanto

Mark DeSanto

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Get ready for the gun show! Hulking Mark DeSanto refuses to tell which sites he’s graced with his bulges (guys with iphones?) but he gives all sides of his Grade A beef to Paragon Men!

Bodybuilding icon Flex Wheeler is Mark’s hero, so it’s a good bet this Vegas he-man will get even more massive. And we’ll document each phase of the supersizing!

Mark came to the studio bronzed in body make-up and we sat him down on a white couch. Dumb! Nothing that a little maid service (not that kind!) can’t solve. We learned another lesson: never put a mirror before a bodybuilder. They will make love to themselves. Not that we mind!

When he’s not hiking around Lake Meade or through the mountains, Mark fantasizes about orgy scenes, like the one he saw in the movie “Caligula”. The more the merrier – just the way we feel about his muscles. WHEEERE’s the beef? In our Penthouse!

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