Dirty Jersey

Dirty Jersey

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The Jersey Shore is all grown up and popped a big fat boner! That’s the situation!

Dirty Jersey is actually rather soft-spoken in real life, which throws you off because his bodacious body is anything but! This also may be why when we first met Dirty Jersey (at Brooklyn’s Adonis Lounge) he introduced himself by way of pulling out his massive cock and slapping it onto our palms. How do you do!

Play with his nipples and suck on that explosive mushroom head! Great things are in store for this sultry hot hunk. He’s been shot by several notable photographers (including our own Greg Wiener) who consider him to be the Dirk Diggler superstar of website sex!

Spy on Dirty as he cleans up our Penthouse – he knows how to work that cock, body, face, and ass! Prepare for his anticipated return visit – one which Dirty promises to make irrepressibly filthy. Wank you very much!

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