Sergio Soldi

Fur the record, silver is sexy. He may have done it for the money (why lie?) but he left us in debt! Sergio kinda looks like Cap’n Jack Sparrow, no? Only hotter, more ripped and nekkid! Savvy?

This ageless adonis originally comes from Budapest. Sergio’s accent and charm (and cut up bod) only add to the sex appeal. His runway-ready face says “get over here” - and the wide-set eyes say “closer!”

Stunning Sergio is also in the running (it’s tough competition) this month for brawnust back(side)! He also likes boobs. He’d play with boobs all day with them if he could. He loves to dive (into boobs?) and to travel – one day he hopes to own his own travel agency.

We didn’t need to make one edit to his mouth-splattering jerk-off! Sergio saved up during a rock hard and potent XXX shoot –and when it came (oh it did come!) time for video, he was ready to explode. Stroke, stroke, wham, bam – April Showers* are courtesy of Sergio!

*Yes, they make things grow.

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