Anthony Ognerule

JESUS, don’t get distracted by the neck art – this muscle god is savior. Anthony loves to lift weights because it “takes his mind off things” – and puts our mind on other things! His things, precisely. We’d eat lunch off the big bubble ass, swing from those meaty lats, run laps around the awesomely girthed neck…and go back for greedy seconds!

His massive cock is 10 inches, and that’s just in width! Only a mild exaggeration. Anthony’s shaved and spongy with thick-shafted heft is one of the biggest we've bagged.  This may be one of the many reasons a woman once declared: “I’m not a slut, but please fuck me!”

This raven superhero shares all his secrets in our XXX gallery. Uniform lovers, batter’s up! We slide his baseball leggings down his thighs just far enough to keep erotic allure AND expose all the glory of sliding into home!

Oh – Anthony’s really, truly smart but loves to party hard, which is a contradiction. When you’re this hung, we’ll take our contradictions as they cum. Watch him blow a hot (party flavored) load in our PH!

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