2011 Paragon Man of the Year: M-Rod


Happy to see him?  After winning by a landslide, Super Man of the Year M-Rod is back... and that's not a gun in his pocket!   M-Rod's smooth skin and perfect creamy muscles are heating up cyberspace (and where you live!) this month.  We take our titles seriously, and this babe has been voted cream of the (very fertile) crop!

He's never done it before, but he does it for Paragon Men.  That's right folks - just check out his nudes and XXX videos in the Penthouse!  Our Man of the Year M-Rod is going all the way to satisfy: Nude, hard, and exposing all his s(pec)tacular worked out muscles, the meaty backside, juicy ass, fat hard cock all wrapped in a dreamy Clark Kent façade.

Loyal subscribers sent in their votes - and we got to work getting M-Rod to return to the studio and strip the hard way!  Of course nothing but the body is hard with this sexy man who does nothing but smile.  He loves to joke, cherishes honesty in a partner, and - oh -he can leap small buildings in a single bound.  Seriously, ponder the divine.

For those of you who missed it, check out Miami's Cuban muscle Adonis M-Rod in his original June 2010 Paragon Men feature and see what all the fuss was about.

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