Kyle King


All Hail the King!  Everyone bows before a preternaturally gorgeous Kyle King.  His throne is graced with a royal ass so noble it's got its own Facebook fan page!

He's also got a personality and no attitude - a rare combo makes us even hornier for his flawless physique. Kyle is fascinated with health food, vitamins, and naturopathy.  In the future, he plans to put all that interest to work as a Nutrition Specialist.  Spermulina?  Whatever!  Open up for any supplements this stud says to put in your mouth.

The Valley of Fire has never been hotter.  We stripped him down and took him to the red rock desert just outside of Las Vegas to pose him among the hard rocks (nothing stays soft around this stud!)

Kyle fearlessly flaunts all his rock hard thick parts en plein air.  If those rocks could talk, they would blush!  And if it's water that keeps us alive, the desert now lets us dream.


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