Real Paragon Man of the Month - Blade Jurgen

After posing for Playgirl, Real Paragon Man Blade Jurgen was eager to show off again - and Paragon Men was just as eager to help him out (of his clothes)!

Blade's a landscaper who works as a stripper on the side.  Talk about full service!  In a perfect nude world, Blade would do both at the same time.  He must be the envy of all the neighborhood, sweaty muscles glistening out in the yard, while setting off sprinklers and explaining words like topiary.  Imagine all the erotic hedging he gets done with that impressive tool.  Our green thumbs just got dirty!

But Blade does more than just the grass.  He plays guitar and writes music.  And to further impress women he prefers the old fashioned approach:  Flowers, dinners, cards.  He says that drives them wild.  As if his charm has nothing to do with his Ken doll looks, and his expert way around a bush!



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