Mike Satin

 Mr. Satin, if you like it rough! This 225 lb bodybuilding man-o-wow was born special and we’re especially proud to add this stud to our stable! He’s a bodybuilding freak and nutritionist (despite a fondness for garlic bread and lasagna) who once made a girl orgasm on a roller coaster (c’mon, it’s romantic).

You, too, can feel the whiplash when you click on his meaty XXX, um, everything. The massive thighs alone are covered with veins; a network of Amazon tributaries leading cocksure explorers to the motherlode. But if you want to score, suck on his neck! He’s also partial to down to earth realness and turned off by people who brag about money. He works in fitness because it changes lives. 

That’s our Mike Satin – making a lasting impression. Just like he does in our penthouse, pumping his fat cock. What? You didn’t think he was making such a huge deposit…in a bank?

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